Sunday 20th October 2019
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Author Hugh Donlan

In Conversation with Keir Reeves

This graphic book, aimed at reading age 8+, brings to life the struggles of daily life on the goldfields and the powerful events of the Eureka stockade.The extraordinary story of Eureka is one that Australians have revisited since it happened in 1854. Why did British Army Red Coats fire on a group of miners hidden behind a crude wooden stockade? Why did soldiers from two famous British regiments attack a group of gold miners early one Sunday morning? What made the miners and their families protest and put their lives in danger? The central character in this book is a boy called Bernie. Bernie lived with his parents on the goldfields and played a key role in events leading up to the battle at the Eureka Stockade, despite his age. He sees the murder of the miner that sparked armed protest. His family were camped close by and were key witnesses. We see the growing unrest and the fighting through his eyes. This book brings alive life on the Victorian goldfields. It tells us about power, settlement and the growth of the colony. It tells us about rights, and what matters.

Hugh Dolan is a former intelligence officer with the Royal Australian Air Force. He is the creator of a series of historical graphic novels, including Ned Kelly: The man behind the mask (2016), Reg Saunders: An Indigenous War Hero (2015) and Gallipoli: The Landing (2014), and the author of 36 Days: The untold story behind the Gallipoli landings (2010). The documentary film Gallipoli From Above (2012), which Hugh presented, was based on material from his book and screened on both The History Channel and ABC TV. The book is illustrated by Dave Dye, who is a former soldier in the Australian army and author/illustrator who resides in Mildura, Victoria. He is the creator of the exhaustive graphic novel, The Anzac Legend (2014), which details the Gallipoli landing during World War I.