Book Traders


Town Hall Precinct

A Novel Idea
Carefully selected beautiful condition pre-loved books.

Belinda Crawford
Author of scifi and fantasy.

Black’s Sun Studios
Hand-printed book plates and bookmarks.

Blyth Books and Music
Contemporary fiction, non-fiction, kids and
YA books, jazz, blues and classical vinyl and CDs.

Butterfly Publishing
Author and publisher of children’s books.

Clan Destine Press
Latest crime, mystery, scifi and historical fiction.

Eclectic Collection
Wide array of books appealing to a range of ages and interests.

Grey Wolf Books
Secondhand books for all tastes.

Little Book Float
Secondhand books sold from a customised horse float.

Australian Book Retailer of the Year 2021 and a generous sponsor of Booktown.

Shawline Publishing Group
Ballarat-based publisher and a generous sponsor of Booktown.

The Book Fossicker
Quality secondhand books across many genres.

The Emerald Bookshelf
Bookish bookmarks, bag, mugs & gifts for bibliophiles.

The Harebrained Press
Print studio specialising in artisan journals, fine press books, limited edition prints, marbled papers and hand-printed cards.

Collins Place Precinct

Alien Press
Author of epic fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction.

Anne Vines Fiction
Author of ‘The Ships Wife’ about Irish convict women.

Back Shed Press
New Melbourne-based independent publisher for young rebel writers.

Beanie Books
Fun, adventurous, Australian authored chapter books that delight early readers.

Book Bounce
Vast and eclectic range of secondhand books.

Books For All
Books for every age.

Bookwyrm Press
2 authors of scifi and fantasy for adults and young adults.

Carolyn Denman
Author of 4 fantasy novels for young adults.

Christine Arragon

Chuck McKenzie
Author of humour and horror.

D L Maclean
Author of erotic time-travel romance with mild violence and spiritual elements.

Diaspora Tales
Author of scifi and fantasy.

Dime Sheppard
Author of mystery, suspense and romance.

Dodgy Mike
Author of the true adventures of a cheeky Aussie larrikin.

Drop Bear Scribes
Author of action-packed scifi and fantasy for teens and adults.

Friends of the ABC
Secondhand books.

G R Thomas
Author of 7 books of urban fantasy and historical gothic horror.

Geoff Davis
Author of high country crime.

Geoffrey D’Ombrain’s
Author and composer of a wide range of songs and books.

Gustav and Henri
Authors of beautifully illustrated adventures for young readers.

Publisher of left-wing, radical and socialist books by Australian authors.

Ivor’s Poetry Books
Author of self-published poetry.

Jacques Coosh
Author of 3 books.

Author of 2 novels.

Kris and Maxx Indy Authors
Authors of beautifully illustrated adventures for young readers.

Lachlan Walter Writes
Author of post-apocalyptic tales.

Landscapes of Fantasy
Author of self-published novels.

Leonard Broerson
Author with a new book.

Life Stories
Association of life story and memoir writers and recorders.

Maree Coote
Author of beautiful, meaningful, original books about Melbourne for Melbourne.

Mirranda Burton
Author of two graphic novels.

Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous Books
New, secondhand and vintage books.

Mud Brick Poet
Maker of hand-made journals.

Next Chapter Publishing
Speculative fiction set in Australia, historical
and women’s fiction.

Noel Braun Snowy Mountains Author
Author of 7 books of fiction and memoirs.

Author of coffee table book of photographs of once-everyday objects and their stories.

Page After Page
History, the quirky and uncommon, paper advertising, 1900 postcards, Australian ephemera.

Pape Publishing
Author, illustrator and designer of children’s books.

Pre-loved books transformed into art.

Pink Pickle Media
Author of a children’s book series.

Ray’s Historic Newspapers and Magazines
Huge range of secondhand children’s books along with much more.

S G Bryant
Author of historical novels set in 19th century Australia.

Soul Self
Author of newly self-published book on well-being and personal development.

Squishface Studio
Comic publisher and collective.

T C Smith
Author of self-published books.

Tangled Books
New and old books specialising in sustainability, farming, cooking, gardening, craft and Australian fiction.

The Boy and His Shadow
Author: 18 year old Clunes kid with self-published children’s book regarding themes of parental loss and grief.

The Dog Cops
Author of 2 novels about police dogs and their handlers solving crimes.

The Ramulas Chronicles
Author of 3 fantasy novels.

The Strength Within
Author of a memoir/message of hope, resilience, and overcoming adversity.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Author of a three part dinosaur trilogy.

Vanessa Craven and Cheryl Rosario
Children’s books and romance.

Wonderland Books
Children’s books, teen and adult fiction, fantasy, vintage books.

Service Street Precinct

Alissa Duke Art
Artist who draws in old books.

Author Freely / Green Hill Publishing
A great new alternative to publishing your works cost effectively.

Ballarat Writers Inc
Books by writers in Ballarat and Western Victoria.

Book Addiction
Specialising in creating special edition books and curator and seller of bookish merchandise.

Bookworm Ink
Specialising in Enid Blyton and large selection of Australian fiction & non-fiction.

Bygone Books
Vintage,antiquarian, collectible, limited edition and signed books in all genres.

Good News Radio Books and More
A range of new and secondhand books of the Christian/religious genre.

Helen McLean Leather Goods and Stationery
Hand-made leather journals and notebooks.

Hunt for Books
Diverse range of secondhand books.

Len Vincent
Massive range of secondhand books of all kinds.

Local, Victorian, British history and more
Rare and historical works from the mid-19th century onwards.

Love, Horror, and Everything In Between
Eclectic group of writers who share a love of storytelling in all its diverse forms and genres.

Magyk Books
Scifi, fantasy and horror.

New Dawn Publishing
Speculatve fiction.

Peninsula Writers’ Group
Fantasy-adventure stories full of magic and mystery for children and young-adult readers.

Q-Lit: Queer Victorian Festival of Words
Vibrant collection of literary treasures from LGBTQIA+ Victorians.

Sora Sisters
Secondhand books with a twist.

The Page Turner
Eclectic ephemera, esoterica, art,design, Fiction, Classics and Comics.

The Rural Publishing Company
A selection of new books — fiction, non-fiction and children’s books published by our regional authors.

Viv Bailey
Earrings, brooches and magnets in the form of books, bookcases and bookmarks.

Fraser Street Precinct

Art Gallery of Ballarat
The Gallery’s publications and exhibition catalogues.

Ballarat East Rotary Club
Secondhand books including first editions.

Brett Thomas Books
Eclectic selection of well loved books.

Brunswick Books
Quality secondhand books.

Good Books
Two friends selling secondhand books.

On The Road Books
Secondhand books specialising in Australian fiction and Young Adult.

Shingleback Books
Quality secondhand books.

Kids Village Precinct

Deva the Bengal Boat Cat
Author of children’s book.