Policy numberCCI-01Version1.0
Drafted byChris O’DonnellApproved by Board on11 Feb 2020
Responsible personRichard Mackay-ScollayScheduled review dateFebruary 2021
  1. Introduction

Creative Clunes Inc (CCI) is a cultural organisation that auspices events such as, and not limited to, Clunes Booktown Festival, Clunes Ceramic Award, Booktown on Sunday and Words in Winter.

This policy applies to all volunteers in all activities undertaken by CCI, or on behalf of CCI and all sites of events, programs or projects undertaken by CCI.

CCI relies heavily on the unpaid work of volunteers and values their contribution highly. 

  • Scope

CCI encourages the full involvement of volunteers in its mission to stage cultural and artistic events.  Volunteers are involved in all programs and activities of CCI and serve at all levels of skill and decision-making including as Board members. 

  • Description

This policy provides a best-practice framework for the management and involvement of volunteers at CCI events, programs and projects.

  • Purpose

CCI aims to provide an environment where:

  • volunteering is rewarding, interesting and enjoyable
  • volunteers are involved in activities that enhance and assist the events, programs and projects of CCI, activities that would not otherwise be available through the existing resources and general funding of CCI
  • it is recognised that resources are required to support volunteer involvement
  • volunteers are treated in a professional manner
  • volunteers are recognised for their commitment and contribution to the events, projects and programs of CCI
  • Rationale

Volunteers are very important to CCI: they enhance its events, project and programs beyond the resources and time commitments of staff.  Additionally, through the engagement of volunteers CCI is able to reach out to the Clunes community, facilitating the two-way transfer of skills, knowledge and resources.

  • Principles and Guidelines

         Volunteers are an integral part of the organisation and will:

  1. be treated equally and fairly as paid staff
  2. be valued for their input and called upon for their opinions
  3. be consulted on matters that substantially affect the area in which they work
  4. have the opportunity to affect change through their suggestions and involvement in planning
  5. be encouraged to provide feedback and input to the CCI CEO or Board members
  • Volunteer Recruitment

The recruitment of volunteers is conducted in various ways depending upon the event, program or project and the number of volunteers required.

Volunteers are recruited:

  1. with the intent of broadening Clunes community involvement in CCI events, programs or projects
  2. on the basis of their suitability to perform a task on behalf of CCI without any conflict of interest, perceived or real
  3. after passing a Working with Children or Working with Vulnerable People check if it is determined by the Board of CCI that the role requires such checks
  4. through an interest in a specific function or as a general interest in volunteering
  5. without any prejudice
  • Volunteer responsibilities

Volunteers are expected to behave in a way that upholds the values of CCI and not publicly, in any format, discredit CCI.

Volunteer responsibilities are discussed at the time of recruitment and at the commencement of their shift with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers are encouraged to provide feedback to the Volunteer Coordinator. In the case of issues or complaints the Volunteer Coordinator is the first point of contact.  If resolution cannot be reached the CCI Manager will determine the course of action to be followed.

Volunteers may make public statements on behalf of CCI in agreement with the CCI Manager.  These may include, and are not limited to, radio, television and press interviews and on social media platforms.

  • Volunteer training

         CCI will provide training for all volunteers.

Volunteers are made aware of the requirements for the particular position they will fill prior to the event, program or project.

  1. Volunteer Supervision

         CCI recognises the importance of supervision and adequate feedback.

The Volunteer Coordinator:

  • must be receptive to feedback on ways to improve the volunteer experience
  • must encourage the free and confidential expression of volunteer’s thoughts, opinions and doubts
  • must actively engage CCI Management when any potential safety issue or hazard is raised by a volunteer

The level of supervision for each volunteer depends on a number of factors including the number of times they have previously volunteered in the same role and the type and location of their work.

  1. Volunteer Insurance

CCI will at all times maintain adequate insurance cover for the purposes of safety, rehabilitation and compensation for volunteers.

This does not include travel to and from home to the location of the CCI event, program or project for which they are volunteering time and skills.

For insurance purposes accurate sign on and sign off records are kept for each volunteer.

  1. Reimbursement of expenses

Prior approval must be given by the Volunteer Coordinator or CCI Manager for any purchases to be reimbursed. Appropriate records and/or receipts must be provided as supporting evidence for any claims or reimbursements.

  1. Volunteer Recognition

         CCI acknowledges the valuable contribution of volunteers.

         The core recognition is:

  • invitation to the Booktown Festival Saturday night dinner
  • letter of thanks after the event
  • other as determined by CCI Manager
  1. Workplace Health and Safety

CCI strives to promote and maintain an environment which protects the health, safety and welfare of volunteers.

All volunteers:

  • have a duty of care to take care of their health and safety and that of others
  • must comply with safety procedures and directions
  • must follow reasonable instructions
  • must not wilfully interfere with or misuse items or facilities provided in the interest of health and safety.
  • must inform the Volunteer Coordinator or CCI Manager of hazards, accidents and near accidents occurring at the work location.
  1. Working with Children and/or Working with Vulnerable People

To provide a safe environment for children all volunteers whose work involves direct, individual and unsupervised contact with children will be required to provide a current Working with Children and/or Working with Vulnerable People Police check.

On engagement the volunteers must be advised of the following:

  • Appropriate behaviour guidelines such as:
  • Not touching or picking up children
  • Encouraging positive behaviours in children in a positive way
  • Lost and found procedures
  • Discussing sensitive content with children